You have tried to figure it out on your own, or with some help from family, friends, or books. Sometimes you felt better, things have gotten better, it was manageable, and you achieved a lot. And yet, the lingering sense of “not good enough,” the relentless anxiety that keeps you from resting fully at night, and the low mood and fogginess that you have to fight hard to get through the day have never gone away. You feel like an alien surrounded by people who seem happy and confident. You say no to invitations because you don’t feel belong. The loneliness and emptiness pains you like a bruise. What is wrong with me? Will I ever be happy with my life? 

I believe we are all  perfectly imperfect, and therefore we need to lean on each other at times to make our lives better.  Reaching out to get help from others, however, often feels uncomfortable, as we often believe that we should be able to fix our problems on our own. Asking for help may even feel like admitting failure.

We all want to be accepted for who we are and live our lives feeling connected to the world around us. Are you willing to take a risk, learn, and grow to create a meaningful life?

At Lionheart Therapy, I provide counseling services focused on healing from trauma, PTSD, and childhood emotional neglect, using EMDR and other interventions.

I am here to assist you in your journey by offering a healing presence.